Menu & Food Trends Report 2018


150+ pages of insights and data, providing in-depth analysis of consumers’ food & drink choices; menu composition, pricing and engineering; as well as the eating out trends to watch out for


In 2018, underlying motivations revolve around responsibility – from healthier food & drink choices, to sensible spending and sustainability.

The number of vegetarian and vegan dishes being flagged on menus is soaring. Consumers are more conscious about their health and the environment, choosing to eat less red meat and traditional heavier meals, and have more white meat and salad dishes.

In parallel, operators are being sensitive to the prevailing pressures on consumers’ disposable income. They are generally opting for subdued price rises and increased promotional activity.


This 150+ page report delivers extensive data and analysis on UK menu and food trends, answering key questions such as:


Examples of insights from the report

237% more dishes are flagged as vegan on 2018 menus

Hungry Horse offers the most promotional deals of any leading pub or restaurant brand

Women are more likely to have no drink at all than an alcoholic drink


Extracts from the report

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  • Price movements across same line dishes 2016/2017
  • Promotional usage at lunch and dinner 2015/2018
  • Top 5 dishes at lunch and dinner 2017/2018


How can operators and suppliers use the report:


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For more information about the report please contact MCA on 02076 110405
or email



For more information about the report please contact MCA on 02076 110405
or email


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